Tourism Prince Rupert Launches New Industry Website


Prince Rupert, April 16th, 2020 – Tourism Prince Rupert has launched a new industry-facing website. The launch of this new website supports TPR’s mandate & ongoing efforts to grow our local tourism sector by working directly with tourism businesses, other community and regional tourism organizations, and our provincial tourism office. The new website is meant to be a hub of information & resources for the community and for TPR’s corporate stakeholders, offering background information on TPR and our work to market Prince Rupert, as well as a summary of available resources for the tourism sector.

There are two sides to the Tourism Prince Rupert brand; consumer (or visitor) facing, and corporate (or industry) facing. While TPR’s visitor-facing channels have been strong & continuously updated for a number of years, we have identified a distinct gap in our corporate-facing channels. Tourism Prince Rupert’s Visitor Services website is intended for visitors to Prince Rupert, and does not provide information or resources about Tourism Prince Rupert’s work locally to support and grow our tourism sector, nor does it provide contact information for our tourism partners. In addition to our new weekly stakeholder email launched on March 20th, our new industry website is aimed at filling this gap and providing more information and transparency about our work in Prince Rupert.

 The new website will also provide valuable resources for businesses affected by COVID-19 and the travel restrictions currently in place. We continue to work closely with our partners at Destination BC and Northern BC Tourism to develop recovery strategies and advocate for tourism-specific relief programs at the local, regional, and provincial levels. As new information is made available related to COVID-19 relief programs for businesses in the tourism sector, we will update our central COVID-19 resource page.

“Tourism Prince Rupert’s new corporate website will allow our organization to better communicate with key stakeholders both locally and across the province. Especially in light of COVID-19, the new website will be an essential resource for tourism-dependent businesses as they navigate these difficult times.”

Scott Farwell

President, Tourism Prince Rupert

Following the recommendations of Health Canada and the Federal and Provincial Government to practice social distancing and discourage group gatherings, the Prince Rupert Port Authority has elected to close the Port Interpretive Centre and the Visitor Centre. We support this decision and will continue to monitor the impacts of COVID-19 on our tourism sector in order to provide updates and resources for our local tourism stakeholders.”

Ceilidh Marlow

Executive Director, Tourism Prince Rupert

With the ongoing effects of COVID-19 being felt by every business in Prince Rupert and the 2020 tourism season still uncertain, Tourism Prince Rupert is dedicated to providing support, resources, and information to help our local tourism businesses weather the storm. We are also advocating for tourism-specific relief, along with our regional partners at Northern BC Tourism and down the Highway 16 corridor. We will continue to provide updates and information via our email newsletter as it is made available, and our new website at will become the hub for all information, resources, and announcements from Tourism Prince Rupert going forward.

Visit our new corporate website at:

Visit our new COVID-19 resources page at:

Media Contact

Ceilidh Marlow

Executive Director, Tourism Prince Rupert